This surgical procedure is designed to enhance the appearance of the upper arms by removing the excess skin fat from the internal part of both arms. The aim is to achieve stylised and attractive upper limbs, in harmony with the rest of the body. It’s generally recommended for people who have experienced a rapid weight loss.

In first consultations the surgeon will inform the patient that the operation will leave a scar in the internal contour of each arm which can sometimes be hidden in the armpit and go unnoticed. He or she will evaluate the quality and elasticity of the skin and its retraction capacity.


The duration of the operation is estimated at between one and two hours and is performed under local anaesthesia and does not require hospitalisation. At the end of the surgery, a semi-compressive dressing is applied.

Postoperative Recovery

Once the patient has been discharged, the recovery process will be carried out in the surgeon’s office. He or she will remove the dressing and replace it with a stocking on each arm, which the patient will be required to wear between two and four weeks. During the immediate post-operative period the patient should take relative rest and the prescribed medication (analgesics, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics).

The stitches will be removed between 7 and 21 days after the surgery, and then the patient will be recommended lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and postoperative edemas. It’s important to avoid exposure to sunlight and carry out strenuous activities for at least four weeks.